Topiramate – The Drug that Get rid of a Migraine


My name is Philip and I had a migraine for 20 years. The pain was inevitable. Whatever I did I was not able to get rid of a migraine. My migraine became more severe and unbearable. I was not about to concentrate on my studies and I had exams coming up. I loosed many things in my life because of a migraine and restricted myself from enjoying the simple things of life. But I cannot sacrifice my life and career for a migraine. It began to rule my life and whenever I had to make a decision the problem of a migraine stands before me to change the decision. So I decided to put an end to this situation by taking a medication that will help me to cope. The pain can be very unbearable sometimes and I had to live through the pain. Therefore I thought of trying a medicine that will ease the pain a little.

My friend recommended the medicine Topiramate also called as Topamax to me.  I found an online shop called saferxmart that sold the medicine I was searching and it was delivered to me in a few days. I bought the Generic Topiramate online. There were several doses of Topamax available on the drugstore and I bought the Topamax drug that had the strength of 25 mg.

I also asked a few of the specialists I knew about the dose and they said it is proper for my condition. I took the drug for a few days and it made me feel sleepy and foggy but it still aided me to fight with a migraine. The pain went away. I took the drug at nights so I was able to feel free from the pain in the morning. The drug is really a miracle drug. Now I am relieved because I don’t feel the pain I endured before. The Topamax has aided me and now I recommend Topamax for the all those who are suffering from the painful condition of a migraine. This is some of the lists of things you should take care if you are going to consume Topamax.

•    Just refer to a doctor once if you are deciding to take Topamax for treatment.

•    The strength will be given to you according to the condition of the body and the seriousness of a migraine.

•    The medication must be taken through the mouth and not by any other means.

•    Your response to the treatment also will determine the dosage.

•    If you are using the drug prescribed by the doctor he or she will increase the dosage by observing the effects of the treatment.

•    Please don’t stop taking the medicine without proper consultation with the doctor.

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