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Treat Depression and Anxiety with the aid of Effexor

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These days people are seen to feel sad and be in grief frequently. In their busy life they have mood swings which cause depression. Depression is also followed by anxiety and both of them are disorders that badly affect an individual’s life. A depressed or anxious person’s behaviour towards colleagues not only changes but also for their friends and family members. This change in behaviour gets noticed easily. These disorders affect the person physically and stop them from enjoying their life to the fullest. They lack energy as well as enthusiasm and mostly stay at home alone away from their dear ones. Children are seen to get affected by it the most as they are unable to concentrate on their studies.

What is Effexor?

Effexor pill will treat anxiety disorder as it is a well known antidepressant. It also approved by FDA to treat anxiety as well as severe depressive disorder. It not only treats anxiety in adults but also in children of aged 7 years and above. The mechanism of action of the medicine is unknown but it is believed that the interaction between the nerve cells present in the central nervous system is positively affected by it. People who go through random suicidal thoughts should also consult a doctor and visit him on a regular basis while using it after they opt for depression and anxiety treatment buy Effexor. Any pregnant woman or woman desiring to be pregnant should never take this medication even if they are feeling anxious or depressed. If the condition is very serious then you should take a doctor’s help and never buy Effexor without prescription.

How should you take Effexor?

One should always follow the directions mentioned on the label of the prescription or take as your doctor prescribed. After you opt for Effexor buy online from saferxmart, a well online pharmacy, you should never take it in smaller or larger dosage than the recommended one. The extended capsule should never be opened, broken crushed or chewed. Take it as a whole with a glass of water and food. It will usually take 4 weeks to show great results, but you should continue using it after consulting your doctor well. While you Effexor pills online and use it, you should store it at normal temperature and away from moisture as well as heat. You should also avoid consuming alcohol as it will damage your liver while taking this medication. Sometime this medication weakens a person’s reaction, hence one should be alert while driving and it is always advised to avoid driving and other things which require much care and attention. You should also try to stand up slowly after taking it as getting up too fast can make you fall.

Bid Farewell To Anxiety With Effexor Now Available Online


Anxiousness in life is not something unusual. Every once in a while, we are all anxious in life- anxious about pressure at the work place, anxious about our health and so on. But when such mild anxiousness reaches alarming levels, there is some call to worry. There are various symptoms of anxiety disorder. It is very important to have knowledge of such symptoms for your own safety. In case you identify any of the symptoms yourself or any one of your closed ones, it is important to consult your doctor before the problem worsens. Some common symptoms of anxiety disorder are:

  • Frequent panic attacks, sometimes numbing fear of new people and places.
  • Insomnia
  • Cold and sweaty palms and feet
  • Failure to stay still and calm.
  • Frequents palpitations.
  • Shortness of breath
  • Muscle tension.

Having one or more of these signs should never be disregarded. With the advancement of medical signs, there are now any cures of anxiety disorders. There are various medicines that work very well to cure such mood disorders out of which Venlafaxine works most effectively. Venlafaxine is the main drug which goes by the name Effexor, both brand-wise and generically. The best part is that you can now place an online Effexor order. These drugs are anti-depressants which are not available without a prescription. But now you can order Effexor without a prescription online.

Uses – how it works.

Venlafaxine belongs to a class of drugs called the selective serotonin and nor epinephrine reuptake inhibitors. They help to improve the serotonin balance in the brain which is unbalanced in people who suffer from anxiety disorders. While you are under this treatment, there are a few things that you will have to be careful about:

  • While under treatment, you will need to visit your doctor at regular intervals so that he can monitor the improvements in you as a result of the medicine.
  • When you are under the treatment, you must inform your doctor without further delay if you are experiencing worse panic attacks, more suicidal thoughts and harming yourself.
  • With the doctor’s approval or consent, you should not give this drug to anyone under the age of 18 as it has not yet been tested on children.


When you buy Venlafaxine Effexor online, you must be well-versed with the degrees and quantities it comes in. there are two types of Effexor pills – immediate and extended. The extended usually takes about one or two months. The extended pill is available in quantities ranging from 37.5 gm to 225 gm and are mostly available in generic versions. The immediate pills take lesser time to work and are available in quantities ranging from 25 gm to 150 gm. The degree of your disorder will determine what dosage would be prescribed to you.

Side-effects and withdrawals

The commonest side-effects of Effexor include:

  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting and tiredness
  • Erratic heartbeats and shaking
  • Vision problems.

A doctor must be immediately consulted if any of the serious side-effects such as hallucinations, increased serotonin in the body, breathing troubles and convulsions are experienced. Withdrawal symptoms are severe, which si why you must consult a doctor before stopping the drug.


You can ensure treatment of anxiety by Effexor. You can now order 20mg Effexor, buy them online on saferxmart.