Strattera and Atomoxetine – The First Non – Stimulant to Treat ADHD


Atomoxetine hydrochloride is the hydrochloride salt of atomoxetine, which can be used as an anti depressant. It contains medicine which is used to treat people suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It is sold under the brand name Strattera. In the United States it is sold as the hydrochloride salt (Atomoxetine HCI), the brand name used is Strattera. It is used in the treatment of ADHD. It is proven very effective in treating children, adolescents, and adults who are suffering from ADHD. The medicine is in the form of a capsule. Each tablet contains atomoxetine HCI which is equivalent to 10 mg, 18 mg, and 25 mg. It is recommended to those who are 6 years old and above.

It is a selective nor epinephrine (NE) used in treating ADHD, also used to treat modalities. It helps to adapt the focus and concentration of a person. It may take 4 to 8 weeks for you to get the maximum benefit of this drug.

Why Atomoxetine is used

It is used in treating patients who have ADHD, depression, fibromyalgia etc. It is also prescribed for children who have autism spectrum disorder. The total treatment plan involves physiological, social and other treatment which play a vital role to increase the concentration, attention span, etc. It basically helps in restoring the balance in few natural substances of the brain. Follow the instructions given in the medication guide. Feel free to consult your doctor in case you have any questions. You can take the medicine with or without food, usually it is taken 1 to 2 times a day. It is in the form of a capsule which can be swallowed easily, if in case, the capsule accidentally gets opened, avoid contact with the power, if it gets into your eyes, and use plenty of water to rinse your eyes. Do not increase the dose on your own. Use the medicine regularly to get the maximum benefit. Inform your doctor if you feel that your condition did not improve or if it has worsened after using the medicines.

Common side effects of Atomoxetine

  • Loss of Appetite

  • Abdominal Pain

  • Nausea

  • Tiredness

  • Dizziness

Serious side effects include

  • Liver Problems

  • Heart Problems

  • Suicidal Thoughts

  • Aggression

In case of overdose, immediately call the local poison control center. The symptoms for overdose include trouble in breathing, fast heartbeat or severe headache. Patients who have started using this product should be monitored closely for any behavioral change, suicidal thoughts, etc. Taking this medicine during pregnancy may affect the fetus, so it is not recommended. It is best to discontinue breast feeding when taking it. You can buy genetic Atomoxetine online without prescription. You can make use of discount cards, coupons etc to get the best offers and de