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Depression is the terrible condition that can befall any ordinary man and women. It is a disease that can take a toll on a person. The disease can make a person really ill. The feelings of sadness will never go away. These feelings will interfere with your life. Some of the symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder are

•    Continuous feelings of emptiness.

•    Losing interest in the favourite activities.

•    Excessive eating or no craving to eat food.

•    No sleep and on the other hand an uncontrollable need to sleep a lot than usual.

•    Really feeling tired.

•    Feelings of hopelessness, irritability, anxiety or guiltiness.

•    Aches in the body, cramps or digestive problems that may occur more than usual.

•    Thoughts of suicide and death.

These are some of the serious issues that may be caused when depression attacks a person. The person with depression may think that there is no help for them but there is help for them. The Depression treatment with Effexor can be taken to lessen the effects of depression. It is a very effective tablet that has aided a lot of people from getting over the periods of depression. You too can get the solution from this serious problem by using the Effexor to treat it. Now let’s see how the tablet works to erase depression form your body and mind. Depression may lead to other issues like anxiety also. Order Effexor for depression.

The Powerful Working Mechanism Of The Antidepressant

It selectively inhibits the serotonin uptake in the low doses and at the high doses; it inhibits the 5-HT and norepinephrine (NE) reuptake. The noradrenergic neurons have a response to venlafaxine. When the venlafaxine is given to the people for experimentation of the medicine to find its efficacy rates, it was found that the medicine effectually dealt with the problem of depression and its harmful effects, the medicine directly acts in the brain to stop the onslaught of depression. This is the strength of the medicine.

How much is more and how much is less?

•           For the initial treatment:

The prescribed usual starting Effexor dosage given is 75mg daily. It is given in three or two divided doses according to the level of the drug the patient may need to treat depression. Depending on the tolerability level of the patient and the need for medicinal treatments the amount of the dosage will be increased to 150mg day. The dose may be increased to 225 mg a day also. Severe cases of the depression may be given the dose of higher efficacy because they will respond better to the treatment. If you are thinking about Buying Effexor, Generic Effexor online is the best way to buy the tablet. 

•           Treatment for the pregnant women:

While treating the pregnant women the physicians will be very careful regarding the side effects if they are prescribing the medicine in the third trimester. The antidepressants will be given in short doses to relieve the patient from anxiety and depression if they are prone to it.

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