Clean out the Cold Sores with Valacyclovir – Valtrex


Valtrex is the hydrochloride salt belonging to the type antiviral drug acyclovir. These tablets are consumed as an oral drug for the treatment of herpes. The people who have the condition of oncoming cold sores can use this drug as a remedy. Some of the sores come on the top of the skin and others attack in the mouth. Beginning the medication with the prodromal syndrome like tingling, burning, and redness can attack a person with the cold sores. The best method for preventing the blister is by shortening or forming its course of action when it appears.  Hence, for herpes treatment use this medicine and see the symptoms vanish away.

The benefits of the Valtrex drug

The outbreak of herpes simplex complex infection is bad then recurrent infections. The beginning of the outbreak of herpes must be cured with oral medications. The initial outbreak of the sores is treated with a long time medication. For instance, the drug is given for seven to ten days. The infections that are recurrent are treated for a shorter time.

The FDA approved a drug

The herpes infections are also called the fever blisters. FDA has approved only some of the drugs for the treatment of herpes and Valtrex is one of them. They are the subject of clinical studies to check their efficacy rate. Receiving the prescription of this drug can help to cure and completely eliminate herpes. It can decrease the time period it takes for the cold sores to cure. It reduces the symptoms that the cold sores can result in. It decreases the size of the lesions and number of the sores that may develop. It lessens the viral shredding which can make the virus contagious. The outbreak of the virus infections can also be cured when taking the medication.

It is approved by the food and drug administration which means that it can be taken frequently to treat herpes infection. It is a well-known treatment used by many people suffering from the herpes infection and cold sores. The treatment must be started at the first outbreak of the infection where you can see the signs of the sores. It may have formed in the lips or the other parts of the body. The medication will stop the formation of the sores in the beginning stage itself. The Valtrex must be taken two times a day to shorten the time of the cold sores in the body. Therefore the patients suffering from the infection can use it daily to benefit from it.

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